General Catalyst Recovery

  1. Serial in. (9600/8/N/1)
  2. Unplug the power cord.
  3. Hold down the MODE button while you reconnect the power cable to the switch. The MODE button is on the left side of the front panel.
  4. Release the MODE button after the LED that is above Port 1x goes out. Note: The LED position can vary slightly, which depends on the model. You are now at the switch: prompt.
  5. Issue the flash_init command and then load_helper command.
  6. Issue the dir flash: command in order to view the contents of the Flash file system. If you are attempting to recover from a bad flash image there may be an older working one you can boot. ex: boot flash:c3750-xxxxxxxxx.bin
  7. If you forgot your user or enable credentials you can move the file flash:/private-config.text to be named something else like flash:/backup-old and then boot the device. Once it has booted you can then log in, enable, and copy flash:/back-old running-config and un-shut all interfaces.