Minion Overview

salt-run manage.up                           # Shows what Minions are up
salt-run manage.down                         # Shows what Minions are down or not connected
salt-run manage.status                       # Shows both online and offline Minions
salt '*''                          # Pings all minions

Targetting Minions

salt '*' some_module                         # target all Salt Minions
salt 'web*' some_module                      # Target Minion(s) based on their Minion ID
salt -G 'oscodename:wheezy' some_module      # Target Minions based on their grains

Job Management

salt-run jobs.list_jobs                      # Lists ALL Jobs
salt-call saltutil.running                   # Lists running jobs
salt-call saltutil.kill_job <job id number>  # Kills a specific running job
salt-run                         # get list of active jobs
salt-run jobs.lookup_jid <job id number>     # get details of this specific job


salt-run state.highstate                     # runs all states targetted for a minion, on a minion
salt 'ns*' state.highstate                   # runs all states targetted for a minion, from master
salt 'web*' state.sls settings.nginx         # runs settings/nginx/init.sls on web*


salt '*'                           # List all grains on all minions
salt '*' grains.item os                      # Show the value of the OS grain for every minion
salt '*' grains.item roles                   # Show the value of the roles grain for every minion
salt 'minion1' grains.setval mygrain True    # Set mygrain to True (create if it doesn't exist yet)
salt 'minion1' grains.delval mygrain         # Delete the value of the grain

Documentation on the system

salt '*' sys.doc                             # output sys.doc (= all documentation)
salt '*' sys.doc pkg                         # only sys.doc for pkg module
salt '*' sys.doc network                     # only sys.doc for network module
salt '*' sys.doc system                      # only sys.doc for system module
salt '*' sys.doc status                      # only sys.doc for status module

Documentation on the web

This list is partly inspired by the fine lists on: